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Horry County Casino Boats Lose Legal Case

According to the ruling of the state judge last Friday, Horry County casino boats are required to give the details of the winnings in the state.

The court ruling leads to the taxation of the two casino boats in South Carolina.

Sun Cruz casino had filed lawsuit last October claiming that they should not be required to hand over the records of each slot machine winnings seperately to the state revenue department.

Marvin Kittrell, state judge said that the Sun Cruz casino should include in the monthly reports the amount wagered and the prize money for each table game as well.

Keith Gold, spokesman for Sun Cruz said they will appeal the decision.

Meanwhile, the state revenue department said that they haven't received the ruling and will give no comment regarding the court decision.

According to the official figures, casino boats attract two hundred fifty thousand gamblers outside of the Little River area.

Last March, Horry County had decided to tax SunCruz and the Diamond Casinos with the maximum level the state allows instead of banning the casino boats.

County Attorney John Weaver said that the court ruling is in favor of the state as the casino boats will report on the earnings of each individual machine and not just the summary earnings.