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Got Any Gambling Superstitions?

You've been playing for quite a while and it seems that while other players are hitting it big, you just can't seem to. Although you know that you are probably at fault, chances are the real reason behind your seemingly being unable to win big are other factors. Thee could be a bad day at work or bad Internet connection if you're playing online. If by chance you do win, you'll probably say that it was because you were wearing your favorite shirt that time.

We know for a fact that gambling relies mainly on luck. As such, gamblers have their own so-called gambling superstitions. Superstition is mainly the belief that something happens largely because of certain actions. Gambling superstitions is no different.

For most gamblers, having gambling superstitions is not unlikely. Like with ordinary people, gambling superstitions also differ from player to player. There are different gambling superstitions that are aimed at either bringing bad luck or good luck. Despite their differences however, there are still some gambling superstitions among players that are considered to be somewhat general.

Most players still believe for example, that if a black cat cross the route that you're walking, then you will probably have bad luck and it would be best not to play to avoid losing. Never walk beneath a ladder it is also said to bring bad luck. If you break a mirror, the common belief is that you will have seven years of bad luck. That's a long time to wait before playing again so think about it the next time you handle mirrors. As you can probably see by now, most of these are pretty much believed by the average person and not just gamblers.

Since there is bad luck, obviously there are also ways to have good luck. Classics include having a rabbit's foot in your pocket and of course a four-leaf clover. Carrying something important to you like a picture is also believed to give good luck. While these may seem general, some gamblers have developed their own unique gambling superstitions that they think will bring them good luck. Some poker players roll chips in their fingers. There are also players who call their girlfriend's name before throwing the dice. Other players meanwhile believe that the way one dresses can affect his luck. There are even players who bet only odd numbers in roulette because they feel that even numbers have done them no good.

Whatever gambling superstitions you believe in, always keep in mind that while luck has a lot to do in playing the game, a little strategy can nevertheless help.