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History of Gambling

Gambling is not a product of the modern times and its origins date back to the ancestral civilizations. There have been artifacts and archeological findings that are believed to be objects used in gambling.

Even the ancient civilizations were believed to have practiced a form of gambling. The dice games of the early years are proof that our ancestors have played certain forms of gambling during their time because of the existence of dice and cards. It is believed that even the early gamblers became obsessed with gambling and most of them have lost their wealth in trying their luck to win. The kings and noblemen were good examples of obsessive gamblers because they would risk all their properties, even themselves or a family member, just to have a hand at gambling.

Even the average and lower classes have indulged themselves in gambling with the thought of winning more what they have put up for, for the game. Aside from the fact that many ancestors enjoyed gambling as source of recreation, the desire to become wealthy in an instant is the single most irresistible factor that led these gamblers to try their luck.

Excavated artifacts such as dice and card-like objects proved the early existence of gambling, somewhere as early as the 14th century. Countries like Egypt, China, Rome and India have made gambling games quite popular during the early years. But even during this period, there is resistance to the practice of gambling.

Early rulers and kings object to the practice and operation of gambling during their reign. Eventually when the bans were lifted, gambling seems to have improved the businesses and income returns of the people. With all these developments, it is believed that the kings and rulers created a law legalizing the practice of gambling.

Just as today, many laws are passed to legalize the gambling business. In America alone, each state has its own law governing the business and operations of establishments.

The modern world have adapted and further improved the ancient gambling games. The core beginnings of entertainment and gambling itself are quite vast; reaching from all corners of the globe and passed through years and civilizations.

History has proven that the evolution of gambling is a testament of man's desire to entertain and to gain; from the crooked and unsophisticated gambling objects such as the dice, to the high tech slot machines in Las Vegas; there is only one focal aspect why gambling existed, and that is to win.